I’m Only Sleeping features the then-unique sound of a reversed guitar duet played by Harrison. He perfected the part with the tape running backwards so that, when reversed, it would fit the dreamlike mood. At about 1:57 into the song, a barely audible voice (probably Lennon’s) can be heard saying, “Yawn, Paul”, followed by a slightly more audible yawn. The first draft of Lennon’s lyrics for the song suggests that he was writing about the joys of staying in bed rather than any drug euphoria sometimes read into the lyrics. While not on tour, due to his lack of routine, Lennon would often spend his time sleeping, reading, writing or watching television, often under the influence of drugs, and would often have to be woken by McCartney for songwriting sessions. Maureen Cleave, a friend of Lennon’s, wrote in 1966: “He can sleep almost indefinitely, is probably the laziest person in England.” x

John Lennon, ladies and gentlemen!